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In Progress

Winters S & Higham JP. Simulated evolution of mating signal diversification in a primate radiation. Under review at Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.


Middleton R, Tunstad SA, Winters S, McCallum S, Whitney, HM. Bloom fruits are structurally coloured by disordered epicuticular wax. Under review at Current Biology.

Eyre J, Williams SA, Grabowski M, Winters S, Pontzer H. Bi-iliac breadth has a significant effect on maximum core temperature, but not change in core temperature, in runners. Under review at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Winters S, Kamilar JM, Webster TH, Bradley BJ, Higham JP. Primate camouflage in the eyes of felids, raptors, and conspecifics. In prep for resubmission to Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Petersdorf M, Weyher AH, Heistermann M, Gunson JL, Govaerts A, Siame S, Mustill RL, Hillegas ME, Winters S, Dubuc C, Higham JP. Multimodal fertility signals in female Kinda baboons: a test of comparative predictions. Manuscript in prep. 

Winters S, Allen WL, Dubuc C, Higham JP. Linking mating signal form and function in primates. Manuscript in prep.

Coyne SP, Newman LE, Winters S, Heistermann M, Maestripieri D, Higham JP. The ontogeny of sexual signals in female rhesus macaques. Manuscript in prep. 


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Higham JP, Kimmock CM, Mandalaywala TM, Heistermann M, Cascio J, Petersdorf M, Winters S, Allen WL, Dubuc C. 2021. Female ornamentation: is red skin coloration attractive to males, and related to condition, in female rhesus macaques? Behavioral Ecology 32:236-247. pdf

Ghazanfar AA, Kelly LM, Takahashi DY, Winters S, Terrett R, Higham JP. 2020. Domestication phenotype linked to vocal behavior in marmoset monkeys. Current Biology 30:5026-5032. pdf

Winters S, Allen W, Higham JP. 2020. The structure of species discrimination signals across a primate radiation. eLife 9:e47428. pdf

Minkner MMI, Winters S, Young C, Weiß B, Ganswindt A, Barrett L, Henzi P, Higham JP, Widdig A. 2020. Male characteristics as predictors of genital color and display variation in vervet monkeys. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 74:14. pdf

Rigaill L, Higham JP, Winters S, Garcia C. 2019. The redder the better? Skin coloration indicates quality in female Japanese macaques. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 73:103. ​pdf

Dominy NJ, Winters S, Pease DE, Higham JP. 2018. Dr. Seuss and the real Lorax. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2:1196-1198. pdf

Petersdorf M, Dubuc C, Georgiev AV, Winters S, Higham JP. 2017. Is male rhesus macaque facial coloration under intrasexual selection? Behavioral Ecology 28:1472-1481. pdf

Rigaill LR, MacIntosh AJJ, Higham JP, Winters S, Shimizu K, Mouri K, Suzumura T, Furuichi T, Garcia C. 2017. Testing for links between face color and age, dominance status, parity, weight and intestinal nematode infection in a sample of female  Japanese macaques. Primates 58:83-91. pdf

Dubuc C, Allen WL, Casscio J, Lee S, Maestripieri D, Petersdorf M, Winters S, Higham JP. 2016. Who cares? Experimental attention biases provide new insights into a mammalian sexual signal. Behavioral Ecology 27:68-74. pdf

Rigaill LR, MacIntosh AJJ, Higham JP, Winters S, Shimizu K, Mouri K, Furuichi T, Garcia C. 2015. Multimodal advertisement of pregnancy in free-ranging female Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata). PLoS One 10:e0135127. pdf

Winters S, Dubuc C, Higham JP. 2015. Perspectives: the looking time experimental paradigm in studies of animal visual perception and cognition. Ethology 121:625-640. pdf

Dubuc C, Winters S, Allen WL, Brent LJN, Cascio J, Maestripieri D, Ruiz-Lambides AV, Widdig A, Higham JP. 2014. Sexually-selected skin color is heritable and related to fitness in a non-human primate. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281: 20141602. pdf


Peer-reviewed book sections

​​Winters S, Petersdorf M, Higham JP. 2019. Charles Darwin and sexual selection in relation to sex in the colors of monkeys. In: Evolutionary Studies: Darwin’s Roadmap to the Curriculum, Wilson DS, Geher G, Head H, Sokol-Chang R (eds). Oxford University Press. ​pdf

Winters S. Aposematism. 2018. In: Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior, Vonk J & Shackelford TK (eds). Springer, Cham. pdf

Winters S. 2018. Ornamentation. In: Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior, Vonk J & Shackelford TK (eds). Springer, Cham. pdf

Higham JP & Winters S. 2016. Color and mate choice in non-human animals. In: Handbook of Color Psychology, Elliott AJ, Fairchild MD, Franklin A (eds). Cambridge University Press. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, UK. pp 502-530. pdf

Book & conference reviews


Winters S & Higham JP. 2015. Martin Stevens: Sensory Ecology, Behaviour, and EvolutionInternational Journal of Primatology 36:205-208. pdf

Winters S, Dunayer ES, Petersdorf M, Simons ND, Tinsman J. 2014. Primatology and conservation in Hanoi, Vietnam. Evolutionary Anthropology 23:201-204. pdf

Higham JP, Amann AL, Bryer MAH, Thompson NA, Winters S. 2013. Review of The Evolution of Primate Societies (Eds. John C. Mitani, Josep Call, Peter M. Kappeler, Ryne A. Palombit, and Joan B. Silk). International Journal of Primatology 34:1298-1303. pdf

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